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Digitization & Industry 4.0

Digitization and Industry 4.0 are unstoppable. For manufacturing companies the combination of operational and information technologies represents a new – and much improved – way of meeting customer needs and thus opens up new business opportunities.

The greatest challenge lies usually with the machines and the production process, which until a few years ago were self-contained systems that could only be controlled locally as there was a massive wall between the operational & information technology worlds. With this said: it remains true that blocking access to a machine from the outside remains an important element of securing your business secrets.


How Device Tools can help

But thanks to the solutions of Device Tools, you can close the gap between operational and informative technologies to your advantage.

Applications such as remote monitoring with a digital twin, remote maintenance, failure prevention up to two weeks before the event or intelligent customer portals can be implemented within a few months with the necessary security standards.

Be it a complete turnkey solution or only a module, we ensure the connection to your controllers via our own or partner gateways.

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