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Device Tool brings everything together – applications, data and devices – and orchestrates it on one single platform.


We are a team of experienced developers and IoT engineers. Since 2010 we have been dealing with the optimal interface between mobile apps, IoT applications and backend systems. The key challenge has always been to decide what to exchange between device and server and how to implement it.

We tried to achieve the goal with a combination of services from external BaaS and IoT providers,

but have come to the conclusion that this is not the way to success. The problem is to support multiple application environments simultaneously and meet the requirements of many basic functions.

From these humble beginnings, a complete industry 4.0 solution has evolved over time.

Our values

Be modest

We can all learn something. First, try to understand it yourself, and then make sure you’re understood.

Be consistent

Back up your words with actions. Try to avoid empty promises.

Be thoughtful

Always act in an honest, direct and transparent way.

Think big

Look to the future and invest in systems that will offer the same quality of customer experience with future growth.

Find a way

There are no detours. Find a way, deliver the result and build on it for the future.

Seek challenges

Tackle difficult problems. If our own aspirations do not make us nervous, we are not asking enough of ourselves.

Empower others

Set the excellence of others free.

Create experiences

Position yourself at the technological peak of progress.

First ask why

Begin by asking yourself why this is important to the customer.

Be passionate

You’re good at what you do because you enjoy doing it.